About River Daniel

At age 17, I felt a touch on my shoulder and heard a voice say, “You’re mine.”

I knew it was the voice of Christ.

I immediately withdrew from organized religion.

Subsequently, my journey took me into dark places where had He not been guiding me I’d be dead.

Now I understand what that was all about, and I no longer willingly forsake assembling with my church family.

About 20 years ago, I began to hear what I called my inner wisdom figure. When he first showed up, I was worried. I think most of us who couple a vivid imagination with the belief that God somehow talks to us question our sanity at one time or another. But following the example of Daniel of the Bible, who was clairvoyant, obedient and submissive, I stopped fighting it and named him Kasyapas, after a Vedic Sage known as “the self-born who sprang from time,” and started writing down what he said.

Then I discovered he was an angel! I could neither believe it nor accept it. All along I've had an angel and did not know it!

For years I could neither believe it nor accept it.  I knew other people claimed to have angels but not me. Never mind that angels fill scripture. I thought it was just too hokey.

When I expressed my fears to Kasyapas, he explained: “I come in the name of Jesus to all who seek a closer walk with Him. I am the watcher who accompanied the holy one in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Daniel 4:17 KJV). We warned the king what would happen if he did not change his ways. He continued to walk in pride and to believe he himself had built his majestic kingdom to honor himself. As a result, he lost everything, including his sanity. Study Daniel.”

When he said he was a Watcher I should have known he was an angel.

He gave me an affirmation:
All who love the Christ are Welcome Here.
That helped me get past the fear of the unknown and allowed me to write whatever I feel inspired to write, assured that my mental and emotional space, my consciousness, my heart, my soul, are protected by an angel named Kasyapas.

My mission is to help others. If something I write helps someone to surrender to God and rest in Him, then I can leave this earth happy.


My favorite authors

Caroline Leaf

C.S. Lewis

My favorite animals

Dogs first, then cats

Sea Creatures (dolphins, whales)


My favorite TV shows 

Nature documentaries

Most things British


My favorite quotes

God can't steer a parked car — Joyce Meyer

Never despair but if you do work on in despair – Edmond Burke

My favorite meals

Abalone at that little restaurant just across the Golden Gate bridge

Shrimp Paesano at Paesano's in San Antonio

My favorite poet

From The Book of Light, last line of Song at Midnight: "come celebrate with me that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed." – Lucille Clifton


My best advice to  my kids and grandkids

Never pass up an opportunity to let Christ love someone through you.

Blogs I follow

Dr. Don Lynch

Rebel God

Words I live by

Whatever I think I need I already have.

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