If what I hope to tell you is to have meaning, then first I must know my own heart. There is knowing. Then there is knowing, because one has lived, somewhere in time, the thing which she hopes to tell. 

This blog isn't about me, but if you don't know where I'm coming from you might dismiss anything I have to say. And if you are here, I believe God led you here because something will speak to you.

At age 17, I felt a touch on my shoulder and heard a voice say, “You’re mine.”

I knew it was the voice of Christ.

I immediately withdrew from organized religion.

Subsequently, my journey took me into dark places where had He not been guiding me I’d be dead.

Now I understand what that was all about, and I no longer willingly forsake assembling with my church family.

I speak four languages:

Born-again Christian, especially the supernatural branch;

New Age / New Thought / Metaphysical;

12-Step Recovery;

Edgar Cayce readings (a blend of all the others).

My mantra is: All who serve the Christ are welcome here. All who do not are forbidden to enter.

This way I can be open minded without my brains falling out.

A published writer, I have been spared the burdens of acclaim and awards, therefore I have been mercifully and gratefully free to research subjects of eternal relevance: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in their many manifestations.

Now my mission is to help others find and fulfill their sense of purpose.

I know one thing only: Jesus is the Christ and the Holy Spirit will teach us what we need to know, and when we need to know, about all the rest. Beyond that lies dogma and as my son used to say, "My karma will run over your dogma."

I want to finish well the race I was given to run, "leaning on the arm of someone I have helped." If I can find where I read that I will happily credit the source.



My favorite newsletters

Science Alert

My favorite authors

Caroline Leaf

C.S. Lewis

My favorite animals

Dogs first, then cats

Sea Creatures (dolphins, whales)


My favorite TV shows 

Nature documentaries

Most things British


My favorite quotes

God can't steer a parked car — Joyce Meyer

Never despair but if you do work on in despair – Edmond Burke

My favorite meals

Abalone at that little restaurant just across the Golden Gate bridge

Shrimp Paesano at Paesano's in San Antonio

My favorite poet

From The Book of Light, last line of Song at Midnight: "come celebrate with me that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed." – Lucille Clifton

My best advice to  my kids and grandkids

Never pass up an opportunity to let Christ love someone through you.

My favorite movies

Homeward Bound

Cold Mountain

Somewhere in Time

My paternal grandmother's most memorable saying:

I'm not cold and I'm not hot. I'm not hungry and I'm not in pain. I wish everybody in the world was as well off as I am.

Blogs I follow

Dr. Don Lynch

Rebel God


Words I live by

Whatever I think I need I already have or I have the means to get it.