Are Prophets False on Purpose?

False prophets are in the news, and their purpose is to undermine the President. Are they aware of what they are doing?

Probably not. They most likely believe it when they say God is using weather and earthquakes to punish people, particularly America.

They are not even prophesying. They are merely commenting on events which have already occurred. But they think they have an inside track to the mind of God, and He is telling them why He is so angry. I get this, even though God isn’t angry. They think He is so to them He is.

The problem is their subconscious minds, which are on view for anyone to see who discerns spirits. They ain’t pretty. The spirit in which they go about their lives is oogly ugly, as we used to say in high school.

First, to prophesy anywhere close to accurately, one must relegate Self to the bottom of the heap and listen to the Holy Spirit. Imagination takes the form of memories of the future. That’s what precognitive visions are. In the realm of the Holy Spirit, or another way of putting it would be that at the level of the soul mind, there is no time. Therefore, with time out of the way as a limitation, the soul is able to tap into Infinity, then charge back through the barrier of the subconscious, which knows only the present—not the past and future—and supply information. If the subconscious is clear, the information is accurate.

However, if the barrier of the subconscious is not cleared completely, the visions get mangled and become blurred and/or inaccurate. But this mangling occurs at a level unperceived by the conscious mind.  Therefore, unaware of all the operatives, the conscious mind accepts the illusion, which masquerades as prophecy.

Even Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet, had his problems. In 1989, I wrote a book on Edgar Cayce titled, Secrets of the Universe, by Lin Cochran, now out of print.

When Cayce gave a reading, a “director” asked the questions he should answer. Cayce said if the mind of the person directing a reading was “wishy-washy, willy-nilly” the same could be expected of the information derived. He said the subconscious mind reflects distorted images in the same way a “mirror may be waved or bended to reflect in an obtuse manner….” He said the suggestion itself may “bend the reflection of that given.”

The secret to prophecy lies in how we perceive ourselves in the distorted self-images the subconscious may, like carnival mirrors, reflect. These self-perception problems commonly urge us to ask, like the wicked queen, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The subconscious “mirror” will most often tell us what we want to hear.

Self-preservation may impel the subconscious to lie. Such is the case for many who call themselves prophets. Such is the case for the left.

Edgar Cayce’s son, the late Hugh Lynn Cayce, described in his book, Venture Inward, the information that generally comes through a subconscious mind into which all kinds of thoughts have been pushed and suppressed: “The product of such efforts can be a bewildering blend of nonsense, filth, and homespun philosophy.” He went on to say that fortunately, the result reveals the unconscious layer available is of little help and usually wrong.

“The subconscious is quite willing to fool the conscious in order to gain authority and recognition,” he said.

Hugh Lynn Cayce frequently referred to the subconscious mind as a garbage pit. His father called it a storehouse. Either way, the subconscious mind may become like a garbage dump, where trash lies lingering, festering, and rotting. Without light and air, if left alone, this mess will build sufficient heat and energy to take on a life of its own. It will be smelled for miles around, disgusting and offending those within sight and stench of it. In humans, this garbage dump comes with another feature. It has a mouth.

It speaks.

Obscene lies thinly veiled by a touch of truth here and there are its forte.

At its worst, a foul, grossly loathsome, noisome bother, a vexation to its own spirit, it may be clogged and obstructed matter—abominable, wicked, and vile. It may abound in error, encrusted with barnacles like the underwater hull of a ship. The subconscious so easily becomes entangled, bringing dishonor, disgrace, and shame.

This is what has happened to the left during the Obama years.

The good news is (and there always is good news) one of the techniques for managing garbage is to turn it often, exposing the waste products to sun and air, rendering them incapable of building their own heat and energy. Occasional purging by fire is another technique used. In the subconscious, this turning, burning, and purging is necessary even for a well-managed life.

Donald Trump is turning over the garbage, exposing it to sunlight. I am one of the millions on the edge of the landfill, cleaning up my own little pile of trash so that I am prepared to help others every day in every way that I can.

True prophets are involved in building the kingdom of heaven on earth. President Trump is clearing the way and we must not miss this opportunity to clean up our acts and cry out to God for help.

“He answered and said unto them, ‘Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them, it is not given.'” Matthew 13:11



River Daniel

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