Fox in the Hen House

River Daniel

The antichrist is hiding in plain sight.

Look at the chart on the graphic above, under the 6?

See the  f  o  x  under the red 6?

That makes three red sixes.


This is not the place for a numerology lesson, but is there anyone alive in the free world that has not heard that the number of the antichrist is 666?

Look at the graphic again.

See the fox gobbling the eggs?

Those eggs had a future.

Now they're destined to be fox poop.

What did the fox eat when he ate those eggs?

Their potential. He destroyed their future.

They had the potential to become beautiful, healthy grown up chickens, to get married and have lots more beautiful, healthy grown up chickens.

Or maybe those eggs would end up as part of some wonderful recipe, like a cake. Those eggs had the potential to make people happy.

Now they're just fox poop.

Don't write me letters saying foxes have to eat too. I'm not talking about cute little critters in the woods.

I'm talking about attitudes!

All my life I’ve heard the expression, the fox is loose in the hen house.

Or, well, that’s like the fox guarding the hen house!

I thought it meant that a sneaky thief was in charge and the hens and the eggs were in great danger of being killed or eaten. I applied it to people I did not trust.

The alarm bells went off when I read a book on numerology and noticed that under the letter 6 were the letters f, o, x. It seemed to me that somebody besides me should have made the connection by now that 666 mentioned in Revelation 13:18 spelled fox, and that it probably wasn’t a coincidence. I didn’t think it would be left up to me to break this news to the world.

Growing up as I did in the South, I’d always heard that the number of the antichrist was 666; and furthermore, that the antichrist would be a middle-Eastern man who would demand that we stamp his number in our foreheads before we could buy food or gasoline. Now here we are, at war in the Middle East, and some people are just waiting for the antichrist to show up on television, with a forehead stamper in his hand. And while I’m reluctant to lay claim to anything resembling Truth, I am more reluctant not to speak what seems to be obvious. I respectfully submit that we’ve got it all wrong.

I think the antichrist is us. We are all too capable of being untrustworthy, sneaky wily thieves. But it isn't our actions that cause the trouble. I don't personally know any robbers. It is our attitudes that harm us. Selfishness, mostly.

Selfishness is anti-Christ. Like the fox, we want what we want. We want it now. We don't think about the future. Our futures.

On the other hand, when we think about the highest and best for all concerned, beginning with ourselves, we are pro-Christ. Nobody ever talks about pro-Christ.

Above all other, Christ demonstrated potential.

And as students and lovers of Christ, we are always looking for ways to maximize our potential.

I think anything that hinders our potential is anti-Christ and the opposite is true; anything that helps us to fulfill our potential is pro- Christ.

It seems to me we ought to question whether an action, emotion, or person nurtures us, threatens us or destroys something that is potentially good.

We all have a fox living inside of us. We're human.

Foxes and hens are frequently mentioned in scripture.

In Matthew 23:37 and Luke 13:34, a hen gathering her brood under her wings is a simile for Jesus’ love for Jerusalem. Jerusalem is us, and He wants to protect us.

It seems no coincidence that Jesus says about Herod, “…go tell that fox behold I cast out devils…”.

Then two verses later He says, “O Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered thy children together as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings…”.

But what about the hen house? The hen house is a metaphor for social structure, the world that we have created.

The hen house could also be a metaphor for the mind, a shelter where we can safely brood.

The hen herself is a metaphor for imagination or co-creative consciousness, the thing that produces ideas.

Most of us fail to see these ironies.

I haven't even gotten to "the little foxes spoil the vines."

That'll be for another day.



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