The truth about diversity

I won’t be writing much about current events. We get enough of that elsewhere. And this is a bit longer than most, but diversity is in the news every day. I just needed to get it out of my system.

Today diversity drama is about Google firing a guy who wrote a memo concerning diversity in the company. Tomorrow it will be business as usual.

One group will object to another group. Their reasoning may or may not be rational.

I would not want to work for a company where having an opinion is a firing offense or to live in a world where everyone thinks the same.

To push against diversity is to push against God.

God obviously loves diversity. Our Creator would no more enjoy sameness in people than He would enjoy uniformity in flowers.

Imagine the world with only one color rose, one type of bird, only one fish, one gem, one insect, one tree, one animal. Our Creator basks in the reflected glory of authentic diversity. The one unifying factor overall is the Creator Himself. His Christ. The Christ of Himself. (Luke 2:26 KJV)

Throughout this universe and all the many others, the Creator’s Christ is known as the unifying principle of love and light that holds it all together. No one can say how many universes exist, as the number keeps growing.

Creation is ongoing.

Other-world entities who challenge His authority revere Christ. Even evil spirits know who Jesus Christ is!

Read in Acts 19: 12-16, where seven vagabond Jews who were exorcists tried to call spirits out of a man with whom the apostle Paul had been working. Even though they used the name of Jesus, just as Paul had done, the evil spirit said, “Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you?” Then the man with the evil spirit jumped on the seven and beat them up. They fled naked and wounded. Afterward, the people of the village were so shaken they burned their books of ‘curious arts,’ worth many thousands of dollars even then. These evil ones abound.

By the way, much less is known of Christ here on Earth than in other realms. Too often Christ is limited to the Jesus of organized religion. He is that too, but that is not all. Perhaps the easiest way to understand this is to use our imaginations to visualize a colony of ants.

Do we suppose that a colony of ants busily tending their world knows all there is to know about us? When it comes to comprehending the scope of Creation and Christ, humans are like ants. Even ants are significant parts of Creation. Not a single iota of Creation is insignificant. Nevertheless, every element of Creation which does not glorify the Creator disappears with a terrible swiftness, as eternal time is measured, like a colony of ants wiped out by a misplaced foot. Remnants of the colony may pick up and begin rebuilding, as could people of the earth. Why should this happen?

Because of the Creator’s love of diversity, many methods of serving the Christ were set up to accommodate the natures of the created ones. Many cultures glorify God in many different ways.

Would a loving Creator expect the lovely Tahitians to adapt to the environment of, say, the Eskimos? Whom does he love more? He created various climes and populated them with creatures who could adjust to His ways.

Can we not discern the absurdity of a belief system that would put plastic shoes on a Navaho child’s feet and call it civilization?

Do we not recognize the insanity behind enslaving another entire people? The absurdity of considering one gender subservient to another? These things are done entirely through animal instinct. Watch the diverse behavior of animals. These teach us well what is instinct and what is free will choice.

Watch how sheep follow, but sheepdogs herd. See how lions band together, but leopards hunt alone. Observe the way swans mate for life, but felines prowl the streets at night. All instinct placed in them by their Creator. Diversity. The Creator loves authentic diversity.

Then look at one such as the Blessed Mother Theresa, who laid aside selfish animal instincts, made her free will one with the Father’s and spent much of her life tending the sick. Even though even she had her doubts, she operated on faith and this woman was and is universally loved by all who know of her.

Our compassionate Creator knew from the beginning that most mortals would never conquer their animal natures completely. Therefore, the total relinquishment of instinct is neither necessary nor wise. He gave us common sense and intelligence to sort out for ourselves to which culture we would belong. Rather than trying to overcome one’s innate tendencies, it is better to direct them to service of God and mankind.

Loving authentic diversity is to love one another as God loves us.


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    Thanks. I appreciate your letting me know.

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    I love this article on diversity.

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