How to stop feeling like a failure

Thoughts are things

not wings.

We may think that we can fly

but break our bones when we try.

And no amount of do or die

can stop our tears when we cry.

Some thought push us to the brink

where we can jump, or we can think.

For some, thoughts are helpful all.

For others, wild delusions stall

as shackles bind and stifle life

that could be lived in milder strife

if only thoughts weren’t things

but wings!

In 1944 there was a book published titled, The Little Choo Choo.

Huffing and puffing, “I think I can, I think I can,” he got right up that hill.

Many of us are like that. We are told if we can conceive it we can achieve it. That isn’t true. It is media hype.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose mama told her she could do anything if she just set her mind to it. She wanted to fly. She climbed up onto the barn roof and jumped off. While they were setting her broken leg at the hospital, she decided her mama must have left something out. There must be more to it.

There must be something in between you can if you think you can and wishin’ don’t make it so.

Giving up our dreams can’t be right but neither can jumping off barns.

Blame it on universal law

Thoughts aren’t wings but things. All things, even thoughts, are subject to universal law, such as gravity. If the Little Choo Choo had wanted to be a jumbo jet, he would have been in big trouble. He got up that hill because he found and stayed on his track.

We stop feeling like failures when we stop trying to do something we were never meant to do in the first place.

In this life, I am never going to be a size six, blue-eyed ballet dancer no matter how much I want it.

River Daniel

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